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Job Description

User Experience Director


  • Number of place to fill: 1
  • Number of years experience: 7+ years
  • Time Day
  • Hours by week: 40
  • Stand: Full-time
  • Beginning Date: As soon as possible
  • Application deadline: 2017-04-7


• Understand, define and optimize the customer’s path and moments of truth through the whole interactions;

• Analyze the market and the clients’ attempts and needs; analyze and recommend the innovation opportunities susceptible to increase the client satisfaction;

• Assure a customer experience lookout;

• Develop and implement and/or improve the performance measures related to the customer experience;

• Suggest new innovative customer experiences and opportunities for improving the client satisfaction; and in order to generate the differentiation;

• Be instrumental in elaborating and deploying the customer engagement in consultation with the chief operating officer, various Department managers and external intervenors;

• Supervise activities related to the client improvement programs;

• Suggest the recommendations intended to improve the expertise and the client engagement via the training, the quality control and the coaching;

• Participate in various events in order to understand the client needs;

• Participate in the strategic planning for his or her line of business;

• Participate in various internal and external committees, improvement projects or sector meetings;

• See to development and application of standards, procedures and guidelines of the company.


• 7 years of relevant experience minimum in the field of customer experience (customer service is crucial)

• 3 years of experience in management minimum.

• Perfectly bilingual (English and French)

• Bachelor in business administration or any other relevant degree

• Leadership, strategic thinking and result-oriented.

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