Two out of Three Pharmacy Customers are Overweight or Obese

As the primary, trusted healthcare advisor in many communities, today’s pharmacist is uniquely positioned to impact the obesity epidemic and the variety of weight related illnesses that go with it. 

Statistics reveal that 70% of adults in the United States are overweight or obese. As a result many of these individuals are at risk for health problems related to high blood pressure, cholesterol imbalance, stroke, heart disease, cancers and quality of life. As a pharmacist you counsel many of these individuals, helping them adjust to life with a variety of prescription medications. It is in this role as ‘counselor’ that exists the opportunity to present alternative lifestyle solutions...such as the Ideal Protein Protocol.

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Add Weight Loss & Lifestyle Counseling to Your Pharmacy Services

Ideal Protein is a medically developed, evidence based weight loss and weight management protocol which empowers dieters with the lifestyle education needed to sustain weight loss results over the long-term. The protocol is a structured 4 phase program focused on effective patient outcomes while maintaining close patient relationships and a healthcare professional’s oversight. In their role within a community’s healthcare infrastructure, today’s pharmacist is ideally suited to the consultative role which is crucial to the success of the Ideal Protein Protocol. 

  • Medically designed and proven solution for safe, effective weight loss,
  • Structured weight loss protocol with complete suite of support services for weight loss coaches and dieters,
  • Helps pharmacies meet revenue goals,
  • Comprehensive turnkey program, with no long-term commitment,
  • Staff is trained, at no charge to run the program, allowing the pharmacist to focus on his or her pharmacy role,
  • Focused support for helping dieter maintain weight after weight loss.

Learn more about how Ideal Protein can help your customers and your business from the Q & A, our case studies and our videos.