Case Studies

The statements reproduced herein were made by health care professionals who own and operate clinics that offer the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method and sell Ideal Protein products.

1.  Pharmacy Practice Adds Ideal Protein as New Service

Andew Buffett, Guardian Crowell’s Pharmacy + 4

Andew Buffett

“By offering Ideal Protein in our pharmacies, we are helping our customers achieve their weight loss and health goals, as well as adding a profitable new product and service line in our stores.”

Andew Buffett 
Guardian Crowell’s Pharmacy + 4
Past Chair of Pharmacy Association of Nova Scotia

2. Pharmacy’s Results Exceed Expectations

Robin Ogilvie, BSc. (Pharm). Managing Pharmacist

Robin Ogilvie, BSc. (Pharm).

“We found Ideal Protein was a great service we could offer our customers that improved their health and was a source of new customers for our pharmacy. The science and the protocol are sound, the company has a strong track record, and the business model alone was a reason to make this decision.”

Robin Ogilvie, BSc. (Pharm).
Managing Pharmacist
Guardian Rockingham Pharmacy



3. Redline Specialty Pharmacy Helps People Live Healthier

Redline Specialty Pharmacy, Hastings, Nebraska

Redline Specialty Pharmacy, Hastings, Nebraska

“The Ideal Protein Protocol interested us because of the structure of the program, variety of foods and science that backed it all up.”

Redline Specialty Pharmacy, Hastings