Stéphane Larose

Since my first day at Ideal Protein, I knew this was a special place. I first started as a receptionist for the company’s Headquarters in Gatineau. Right away, people smiled and greeted me as one of their own. My coworkers didn’t feel like coworkers, they felt like family. Once I was settled in, I became curious, very curious, about what was going on in the other parts of the building. Thankfully, my curiosity and enthusiasm led me to an opportunity for which I will always be grateful.
3 years later, thanks to Ideal Protein’s support, education and leadership I now manage the logistics department! There’s a deep, powerful and positive energy within this company that’s instilled by the people who work here. I am enormously proud to be part of this grand adventure and I can see nothing but future success and happiness for myself and the people that make up this great company.