35 lb Perdues
Linda Meacham RN, BSN Âge :62 Centre :Healthier by Design LLC - Sarasota, FL
Coach :Linda Meacham RN, BSN
Poids de départ :160 lb
Poids actuel :125 lb
I have been a Registered Nurse for 30+ years. Over this time I have watched my patients grow sicker and sicker because of the food they eat and lifestyles they lead. My health also declined for the same reasons, then I suffered a disabling back injury. This ultimately lead to my own health transformation and becoming a certified Ideal Protein health coach.
"as a registered nurse, my mission is to not only help as many people as I can ‘design’ their healthiest lives, but to give them a first class experience and a partner they can count on to keep them on track long-term."
Bâtir une nouvelle vie - perdre le poids
I lost 35 lbs very fast and more importantly I felt better than I had in a long-time. It was actually easy… just stick to the plan and you know the result you will get. Plus, it included very helpful coaching and so much education along the way. Once I hit my weight objective, I better understood how to stay on track and had the continued support of my coach.
Un nouveau style de vie - ne pas regagner le poids
I was so excited about what Ideal Protein did for me, that I wanted to help others be successful with the program as well. For three years I helped hundreds of patients make incredible health transformations as a health coach in Ohio. Then, my Husband Doug (who also lost 40 lbs on Ideal Protein!) and I decided we were ready for a change and moved to beautiful Sarasota, FL, where we opened up our own weight loss and healthy lifestyle clinic in Venice.
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