Ideal Protein’s Referral Rewards Program (RRP)

Ideal Protein would like to reward you (the clinic/center) for your qualified referrals. Ideal Protein will not only reward you for each clinic/center that opens, but will offer you compounding rewards for your continuing efforts. Help us maintain our first-rate standards by referring your highest-quality colleagues and associates. This is your chance to participate directly in the selection of future additional Ideal Protein clinics/centers and have a hand in shaping our team of outstanding healthcare professionals.

How it works

  • Refer a healthcare provider anywhere in Canada or the US that can be qualified and approved by Ideal Protein.
  • If your referral opens as a brand new and official Ideal Protein clinic/center you will receive: Clinics Opened Free Boxes Retail Value (approx.)

As your qualified leads continue to open and become Ideal Protein centers/clinics, your rewards will continue to grow. Once we have opened your 10th clinic/center, you would have accumulated rewards of 384 boxes – a $10,704 value and you will continue to receive 60 Reward Boxes for each new clinic/center after that!

Referral Rewards Program Guidelines:

Clinic/Center Referral:

1. Establish the initial contact with the potential referral and have it qualified as a strong candidate.
2. Complete the Referral Rewards Program form for every contacted and pre-qualified lead you are referring to Ideal Protein.
3. Add your Ideal Protein consultants email address to the form below.

NOTE: Only referred clinics/centers that had a Referral Rewards Program form submitted prior to the new clinic/center opening will count towards this program. No exceptions or verbal confirmations will be accepted.

Ideal Protein:

1. Upon receipt of the completed form & Ideal Protein will contact your referral.
2. Should your referral become an official Ideal Protein clinic/center, Ideal Protein will contact you via email informing you of your reward boxes.

  • Referred Clinic/Center Contact Information

  • Referring Clinic/Center Information