Going to Extremes? – Getting Ready For The Wedding

Every year, especially during the summer months, many North Americans decide to go down the aisle for that very special commitment in their lives. Unfortunately, for many, getting ready for marriage comes with a weight loss objective without a structured plan. In the Cornell University study from 2008, which engaged 272 women, it was found that 70% of the engaged group said they wanted to lose about 20 lbs. The study also stated that more than one-third of them use such extreme measures as diet pills, fasting or skipping meals to achieve their desired wedding-day weight. Why should weight loss rhyme with unhealthy, extreme measures?

Achieve Your Weight Loss Goal In a Healthier Manner

We understand that you want everything to be perfect for your wedding day, this very special day. For many, losing weight is done at the expense of their health, ready to do anything to shed the pounds. At Ideal Protein we believe that achieving your weight loss goal shouldn’t mean sacrificing your health. We understand that sustainable results will only be achieved through education, knowledge and consistent, in-person support.

Healthier Weight Loss!

Unlike some other diets you may come upon, Ideal Protein offers a healthier, structured, safe and effective ketogenic weight loss protocol that can help you achieve your weight loss goal. Let us help you get ready for this very special day in your life, your wedding.

A Ketogenic Diet Made Simple!

The main element that makes the Ideal Protein Ketogenic Protocol simple is that we’ve taken care of all the details for you. You’ve got a lot on your mind, let your Ideal Protein coach be there for you and show you every step of the way. We take the guess work out of weight loss.

Much More Than Just a Keto Diet – Healthy Eating Habits and Recipes you can enjoy!

Losing weight shouldn’t be achieved at the expense of your health. Throughout your weight loss journey with Ideal Protein, your coach will provide you with education and the tools needed to be able to improve your eating habits for years to come. With our recipe books and additional support from the Ideal Protein online community, you will learn how to enjoy food in a new, healthier way.

Contact Your Local Clinic & Achieve Your Wedding Weight Loss Goals