Finally…Weight Loss Results You Want and Deserve

Ten Years ago, if I was asked where I thought I would be today I would have said, “Exactly where I am”.

I approach all aspects of my life with honesty, passion and an open heart. To me, this is the only way to achieve true success and it is exactly the approach I took when we started Ideal Protein.

When I first met Dr. Tran Tien Chanh, co-founder of Ideal Protein, I felt his passion for, what we now know as, the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol. Immediately I knew we were going to do great things together and have a major impact on people’s lives, by offering a solution to a worldwide obesity epidemic.

Ideal Protein’s humble beginnings were built on the foundation of a rock-solid protocol, weight loss diet science and the passion we had to drive them. We took an incredible Protocol and taught each clinic, not just how it worked, but why it worked.

Over a Decade of Helping People in Their Struggle with a Meaningful Weight Loss Program

The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol focuses not just on weight loss, but on the lifestyle changes needed to maintain results after dieting. These two pillars, weight loss and lifestyle change, are at the heart of what makes our program unique.

The Ideal Protein Protocol is a comprehensive approach to weight loss with a beginning, middle and an end, because without the tools to maintain your results, your weight loss may be temporary and nothing more than a false promise. I don’t believe in promises, I believe in results! And I’m not alone. Today, Ideal Protein is available in over 3,000 independent clinics worldwide and backed by thousands of international health professionals who recognize Ideal Protein as the best weight loss diet Protocol for their patients.

Dedicated to Teaching Lifestyle Changes that can Help Dieters Maintain Results After Dieting

A core component of Ideal Protein is our dedication to education and development for our Dieters, Coaches, and Clinics. Our focus is not and will never be the mere sale of weight loss options and products, but rather the global epidemic that our medically developed protocol addresses. Providing our dieters with a quality of service that matches the quality of our weight loss diet products is our number one priority. Therefore, we strive to provide you a standard of care with the same high quality service, support and superior weight loss coaching at every clinic and center that offers the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol.

Everyone at Ideal Protein is dedicated to the concept that weight loss is more than just a matter of looking good. It’s about feeling good from the inside out. It’s about eating for pleasure not by need; buying the clothes you want to wear, not just what fits; and being able to do the little things in life that many people take for granted and, ultimately, living life to the very fullest.

Yours in good health,

Olivier Benloulou
Founder / CEO
Ideal Protein

A Medically Developed Weight Loss Protocol, based on validated science, Supported by Several Thousand Locations Worldwide

Dr. Tran Tien, Chanh, is an award-winning graduate of the Faculty of Medicine in Paris. Dr. Tran Tien started his career as a general practitioner and sports physician, but quickly became interested in nutrition and obesity related issues. At the time, the only weight loss options were low-calorie diets, often referred to as “balanced” diets.

Without renouncing the notion of energy balance, Dr. Tran Tien highlighted the key roles played by insulin and pancreatic dysfunction in relation to obesity related issues. Twenty years ago no one spoke of Syndrome X or Polymetabolic Syndrome. However, Dr. Tran Tien understood that numerous pathologies were strongly associated with being overweight. He concluded that weight loss is essential for treating such illnesses as Type II Diabetes, Hypertension, Dyslipidemia (cholesterol and triglycerides), Sleep Apnea, Acid Reflux, and more. The World Health Organization concurs with Dr. Tran Tien’s conclusions stating, “Overweight and obesity are a leading risk for global deaths. At least 2.8 million adults die each year as a result of being overweight or obese. In addition, 44% of the diabetes burden, 23% of the ischemic heart disease burden and between 7% and 41% of certain cancer burdens are attributable to overweight and obesity”.*

Referencing 1970’s era protein diet studies for weight loss by Dr. Blackburn from the Harvard Medical School and utilizing the latest research on protein diets, Dr. Tran Tien developed a new protocol that he felt was safer and easier for his patients.

In addition to this very rigorous scientific approach, Dr. Tran Tien also emphasized the psychological aspect and human dimension of weight issues. Focusing on poor eating choices and lifestyle habits as both causes of weight gain and hindrances to weight loss, Dr. Tran Tien has written three books on dieting and weight issues. He now spends his time consulting with patients at his clinic in Paris and regularly gives lectures throughout the world, particularly in North America.