Oklahoma Pharmacists lead the ‘Weigh’ Forward

(Nov 26th, 2018) – As reported in this week’s edition of Drug Store News, PPOk and Ideal Protein are uniting efforts to offer a leading Weight Management program to community pharmacies, the Ideal Protein Protocol.

“The program’s clinical results are outstanding, and the business model aligns with the focus of our RxSelect CPESN network, which is to provide profitable, high impact enhanced pharmacy services for patients in the community.” said John Crumly, PPOk’s Executive Director.

In a climate of reduced margins, declining reimbursements, and the surge of internet shopping, Ideal Protein gives community pharmacies a new way to augment their income outside of medication sales alone. The program focuses on addressing the weight of a patient to help them potentially enjoy the related health benefits.

“We all got into pharmacy to make a positive difference in our patients lives.  Ideal Protein has given us another vehicle to achieve that goal.” stated Bill Osborn, NCPA President and PPOk member.

Positive outcomes are the cornerstone of Ideal Protein’s Pharmacy program. “Our combined efforts will help make Ideal Protein available to more pharmacies, and in turn align with our company mission to help as many people attain healthy and sustainable weight loss, and all of the associated health benefits” said Thomas Barus, Pharm.D., Pharmacy Services at Ideal Protein.

Several PPOk employees have successfully used the program. “Five PPOk staff have lost over 95 pounds combined since beginning the Ideal Protein protocol”, says J.J. Peek, Clinical Director for RxSelect CPESN, “I support Ideal Protein’s protocol and methodology.” PPOk is currently promoting the program to all of their employees.


Weekly customer appointments, called coaching sessions, during the protocol help ensure compliance and focus on educating the customer. The pharmacy stocks the necessary products and are provided proprietary Ideal Protein tools to help manage the service.

In addition, Ideal Protein representatives take a hands-on approach to helping pharmacies get started. “We bring our expertise to their business and assist in all aspects of setting up the service in the pharmacy, and we have enjoyed helping the pharmacy bring tremendous value to their communities by providing free education, tools, and support to help their patients get healthier and stay healthy.” stated Deborah Buchanan, National Business Advisor for Ideal Protein.

For more information about Ideal Protein for your pharmacy, please visit www.idealprotein.com/pharmacy  or email pharmacy@idealprotein.com.