198 lbs Lost
Chris Ricken Age:31 Clinic:The Better Weigh - centennial, CO
Coach:Amy Hicks
Starting Weight:425.8 lbs
Current Weight:227 lbs
I have always been bigger, and I had made a commitment to myself that if I hadn't lost a substantial amount of weight by the time I was 30, I would get bariatric surgery. My aunt and uncle had lost a substantial amount of weight on Ideal protein, and they encouraged me to give it a try. I instantly began losing weight, and the lifestyle change was easy to follow. I lost 198 pounds in 14 months, and have been in maintenance for 4 months. I am enjoying a much more active lifestyle. I completed my first 5k, and am prepping for snowboard season. Its much easier to keep up with my son, and play sports with him.
"I now know I have a bright future ahead of myself, and will be around to see my son grow up."
Lifestyle Building - Losing the weight
The most surprising part was how easy Ideal protein was to follow. My coach told me to "eat the sheet" and if it wasn't part of phase one I stayed away. It truly has been a lifestyle change for the rest of my life.
Lifestyle Living - Keeping the weight off
I was a football player, but I got to the point where I was afraid to work out, because I was worried I would hurt myself. Putting so much stress on my joints. My warm up at the gym now is running a mile on the treadmill which seemed impossible two years ago.
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*The results are those of the individual that is identified. Typical results vary up to 6 and 8 pounds lost during the first two weeks and up to 2 pounds per week thereafter when the IdealProtein® WeightLoss Protocol is followed properly. You should consult your physician or other healthcare professional before starting this or any other diet program to determine if it is right for your needs.