65 lbs Lost
Additional Weight Loss Photos
Jordan Jones Age:45 - Austin, TX
Coach:Chandler Renfeldt
Starting Weight:250 lbs
Current Weight:185 lbs
Most of my life I had always been very fit.Like…VERY fit. We're talking hard to walk down the streets without girls yelling phone numbers at me, throwing money, etc. But then I had minor surgery which ended up being more severe than they expected, thus my recovery was a nightmare. Eventually I'd gone from 180 up to 250!!! I was playing with my 4-year-old and noticed I couldn't keep up with him. That was it. I thought, "… way….no way I'm not fixing this for my little guy….."
"I was one ugly @$$ son of a $!@%#! I look at old pictures and find myself punching them! Who punches pictures?!?! And now I have NO trouble keeping up with my kid! It's AWESOME!!!"
Lifestyle Building - Losing the weight
What surprised me most about my weight loss journey was broccoli! My coach gave me a recipe for roasted broccoli! Oh man I LOVE it!!! It's like healthy crack! That mixed with how much I actually now love drinking clean ice-cold water all day was awesome! I'm a voice actor so this diet has actually helped me with that as well! Staying hydrated, little to no drinking alcohol, etc.
Lifestyle Living - Keeping the weight off
What do I enjoy most now that I’ve lost the weight? Girls. Dude, they're everywhere! I go outside, they're waving. I grab a coffee, they talk to me. I check my mail, there's one in my mail box. It's great! Back in my 250lbs days it was awful! They'd say things like "Heeeey Fat Boy!" and "What, are ya gunna cry Tubby?!" And that was just my 4-year-old! Sheeesh! Anyway, it's better now.
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*The results are those of the individual that is identified. Typical results vary up to 6 and 8 pounds lost during the first two weeks and up to 2 pounds per week thereafter when the IdealProtein® WeightLoss Protocol is followed properly. You should consult your physician or other healthcare professional before starting this or any other diet program to determine if it is right for your needs.