General Referral System

As an advocate of Ideal Protein, you have the ability to refer business partners, friends, and colleagues as high quality potential Ideal Protein clinic partners.

How it works

  • Refer a healthcare provider anywhere in Canada or the US that can be qualified and approved by Ideal Protein.
  • If your referral opens as an Ideal Protein clinic/center, we will honor the arrangement we have with your organization/individual.

General Referral System Guidelines:

Clinic/Center Referral:

  1. Ensure you have had initial contact with the potential referral and have qualified them as a strong candidate.
  2. Complete the form below.
  3. Upon receipt, Ideal Protein will contact you on your referral.

NOTE: Only referred clinics/centers that filled out this form prior to opening will be considered for program.

  • Referring Organization or Individual

  • Referred Clinic/Center Contact Information