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50 lbs lost

I am more confident and in less pain....

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115 lbs lost
Susanne Onciul-Pich Rejuvenate Health & Wellness Clinic - Lac La Biche, Alberta (AB)

I'm healthier not only for myself, but for those around me. My family have noticed not just the wei...

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70 lbs lost
Iris Stromei-Martin Naturiste Centre les Rivières - Trois Rivières, Québec (QC)

I realized I wasn't the type of person who gives up easily, and this was a side of me I'd never seen...

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280 lbs lost
Mauricio Bueno Prosser Clinic – Prosser Memorial Health - PROSSER, WA

I now have a new outlook on life. Having a purpose to push and better myself. Unlock the many possib...

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43 lbs lost
Martha Warcup Long Sault Pharmacy - Long Sault, Ontario (ON)

I feel so much better and have so much energy....

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103 lbs lost
Jason Wilson BestWeighUSA - Houston, TX

It's important for me to be around for a long, long time for the people I love!...

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96 lbs lost
Helene Crowfoot Ideal Wellness Mill Creek - Mill Creek, WA

I've been given a life to live! ...

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67 lbs lost
Pat Henning Walker Wellness - Centralia, WA

I know I have extended my life. I am also now a part time coach at Walker Wellness and do not feel ...

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205 lbs lost
Luis Mulero Innovative Endocrine Solutions - Plano, TX

It was, it is and it will continue to be the best investment that I have committed to in my life. Th...

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144 lbs lost
Janette Swindler Walker Wellness - Centralia, WA

I am proud that I committed to my Amazing Transformation because it gave me control of my life again...

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