Amazing transformations, amazing success stories!

“I knew this was the answer I needed so my mother didn’t have to worry about me anymore.”

Dr. Paul Wilson shares his experience of losing 185 lbs. on the Ideal Protein Protocol and how even as a physician, he learned a lot of important lessons about how to lose fat and keep it off. Discover Dr. Wilson’s Amazing Transformation and what he means when he says, “work with your body not against it. It’s straight physiology.”

I knew I was worth it!

The Ideal Protein Protocol provided Sara Mulero the education she needed to live a healthier lifestyle and inspired her to help others achieve long-term weight loss success.

I was living but I wasn’t alive

Josh Kohl describes his ongoing weight loss journey with Ideal Protein and how losing over 300 pounds so far has led to a renewed dedication to healthier eating and lifestyle. Discover Josh Kohl’s Amazing Transformation and why he says “I was living but I wasn’t alive”!


“The Results Were Immediate”

Michele lost 100 lbs with Ideal Protein and no longer takes medication for pain management and digestion problems. Watch Michele speak openly about her life-changing transformation with Ideal Protein.

“It Was the First Diet that I Actually Tried that I was Successful At”

Amy was determined to lose weight, she stuck to the Protocol and saw amazing results. She lost 92.8 lbs in total. Watch Amy speak about her amazing transformation with the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol.

“It was not a hard program”

After losing 66 lbs on the Ideal Protein Protocol, Mini feels so much better, is more confident in herself and has much more energy. Watch as Mini discusses her successful lifestyle transformation.

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