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103 lbs lost
Wil G. United States - ,

I started losing weight pretty much immediately, if that’s not self-motivating, I don’t know wha...

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162 lbs lost
The Dixons Lilly Pad Health & Wellness Connections - Waterloo, Ontario

Since losing 65lbs we went down east. I walked the Cabot Trail. Over the 8 kilometers I didn't have ...

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360 lbs lost
Josh Kohl Ideal Weight Solution - Wassau, Wisconsin

I couldn’t enjoy life at 684 pounds. I was living, but I wasn’t alive. ...

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139 lbs lost
Dennis Teschlog Ideal Wellness Mill Creek - Mill Creek, WA

I have been fully living and fully alive. Oh this feels better than a carb loaded cinnamon bun....

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86 lbs lost
Sarah Stock Ideal Weigh to B Weight Loss Clinic - Mankato, MN

I'm proud that I committed to my Amazing Transformation because I now have better self-confidence an...

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75 lbs lost
Michelle Chisholm Ideal Wellness Mill Creek - Mill Creek, WA

I am living a new life that I never dreamed was possible!...

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54 lbs lost
Sherry WEBER IdealATX, LLC - Austin, TX

I am proud that I committed to my Amazing Transformation because I have learned to take care of myse...

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68 lbs lost
Jennifer Tavis, PharmD Walker Wellness - CENTRALIA, WA

People ask me how I think I’ll keep off my weight when I’m done with the program. I tell them th...

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200 lbs lost
Hugh Jones Ideal Weight Loss Center – Ridgecrest - Ridgecrest, CA

I am now able to do far more than when I weighed 455lbs. I even fit into my old Military uniform. A ...

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29 lbs lost
Shirley Theriault Pharmasave - Ladysmith, British Columbia (BC)

I want to be a healthy 80 year old & not a decrepit 60 year old. Just to clarify, the after was me i...

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